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Outdoor light precautions

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As the name implies, outdoor lamp is a kind of lighting lamp exposed outdoors. Usually, it can be combined with the surrounding roads, landscapes and buildings for lighting design and installation, so as to achieve the unity of functionality and artistry.

Outdoor lights include road lights, landscape lights (Chinese lights, fireworks lights, cherry blossom lights, etc.), lawn lights (stainless steel turf lights), underground lights, wall head lights, outdoor spotlights, projection lights, wall washing lights, etc.

Many of the outdoor lights used in many residential areas in China (lighting tree lights, ground lights, etc.) are 220V high-voltage lights. Once there is leakage or damage, it is easy to hurt people. On the other hand, foreign countries have taken this aspect into consideration. Most of the outdoor lights are depressurized through transformers, so that they are controlled within the safe voltage of human body, so as to ensure safety.

In addition, some garden outdoor lights have properly used glass products. Some people think that glass is also one of the unstable factors in the safety of outdoor lights. However, experts believe that good quality glass (especially special glass) has little harm to people even if it is broken. If the developer can pay attention to the use of building materials and use good materials at cost, the safety factor can be greatly improved. 。